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10 Things to Do In Athens For a Family Lifetime Experience

Family vacation is always a challenge for parents. When planning a trip, the question is one: the kids. Well, Athens is the answer to your worries and to a memorable holiday. Athens will definitely be you own family myth. The city’s wide variety of activities for the whole family, combining in a unique way history and leisure, is one of the elements that make Athens outstand. It is undoubtedly a momentous place with deep history and has, at the same time, a lot of activities, workshops and places suitable for the whole family, providing unforgettable moments…

  1. The Acropolis

When in Athens, it is indispensable to climb up the Acropolis Hill and witness the imposing Parthenon, temple of goddess Athena. You should also include a visit at the new Acropolis Museum which offers specially-designed tours for kids, with well informed guides that give captivating narrations. Alternatively, you can arrange planned mythology treasure hunts for the whole family.

  1. Ancient and Roman Agora

Another important site to visit is the Ancient Agora with the well-preserved temple of Hephaestus and the remnants of the Ancient Greek City in Thisseio. You can combine this tour with a walk through the Roman Agora and Adrian’s Library, an equally magnificent archeological site in the center of Athens. A lot of activities are offered for these sites such as mythology treasure hunts, pottery workshops, and specially designed tours for kids with engaging and interesting descriptions and narrations from knowledgeable guides.

  1. City Center

Plan a walk through Syntagma Square where you can see the well-known change of Guards outside the Greek Parliament and the National Garden. Finish up your exploration by paying a visit to the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. There, both you and your children will have the opportunity to learn firsthand the extraordinary machineries of antiquity as the museum offers interactive guided tours.  

  1. Plaka and Monastiraki Square

Your visit in Athens will not be complete if you don’t taste the delicious local food. Have a walk through the picturesque streets of Plaka the oldest Athenian neighborhood in order for the whole family to taste the wide variety of dishes, sweets and drinks or get a look at the small family-owned shops and delis at Monastiraki Square and Agora. Your kids will be thrilled by the tasteful Greek food and the colorful and bustling shops.

  1. Have a train ride

If kids are tired of walking around the city, you can ultimately hop on a tour train and get an all-inclusive ride around the most important and worldwide known sights of Athens. It is a guarantee fun experience for children.

  1. Lycabetus Hill Funicular

Don’t miss to have a ride with the funicular up to Lycabetus Hill. The ride will be enjoyable for the kids and at the end you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Greek Capital

  1. Eugenides Foundation and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The Eugenides Foundation is Athens’ Planetarium, with an exceptional auditorium and a wide range of IMAX films. On the other hand, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a great place to have a rest while your kids can have fun with the offered amenities such as water sports, cultural activities, walk through the gardens, a visit to the National Library and the National Opera of Greece, to say the least. The two buildings are opposite to each other so you will have the chance to visit them both.

  1. George Averoff Battleship and Flisvos Marina

After being a focal part of Greece’s maritime history, George Averoff Battleship was turned into museum open to public with captivating stories to tell. The kids will be able to walk on decks and interact with one of the most famous battleships of the Greek Navy. Your visit there can be combined with a walk through the pedestrian promenade of Flisvos Marina where you can enjoy a coffee while overseeing your kids having fun in one the playgrounds of the park such as trampolines and water pedal cars.

  1. Attica Zoo Park

It is an exemplary zoo with a huge variety of species such as lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, rhinos, camels, penguins, crocodiles and many other animals. The zoo has family-friendly shows, especially the one with the dolphins that will trigger their enthusiasm.

  1. The Athenian Riviera

A good addition to your trip in Athens would be a day off the city itself. Discover the northern part of the area while having quality time with your family. You will have the chance to see the magnificent temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio which will be an unforgettable moment of your trip. Cape Sounio is also known for its majestic and one-of-a-kind sunsets. Then, you can have an amazing time at Vouliagmeni Lake or Vouliagmeni beach where you can swim in the crystal clear waters, have a tasteful Greek meal and do water sports with your children in safety.

Athens is a great place for family vacations. There is a huge range of things to do, it is easy to navigate and there many places with family-friendly activities and tours, amenities that are both educative and rewarding. Every single place of the city has a hidden extraordinary story to tell. That is why Athens constitutes the ideal destination for your family lifetime experience.


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