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As Greece is an island country, there is no better way to discover it than by sail. Greece provides all the necessary facilities for all its sailing destinations in the two main sailing areas: The Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Each of them demonstrates particular elements, unique beauty and unforgettable experiences. In this blog, you will find our top picks for your sailing trip in the Aegean Sea.

The Aegean area has all the elements for an ideal sailing trip, including conducive and favorable winds, small distances between the islands and therefore small distances between unique and intriguing experiences.


Kea is the first island to meet when leaving Athens. It has a traditional architecture with picturesque villages. There are prehistoric and archeological findings as well as a shipwreck investigated by Jacques Cousteau himself. Syros, on the other hand, used to be the capital of Greece that is why you will find a lot of industrial remnants on the island. You should not forget too taste the famous local sweet, called Loukoumia as Syros is renowned for this traditional recipe.


These islands are the next cluster of islands to explore. Each of them has a particular narration to tell. In Kythnos, with its white-washed houses and folkloric past, you will find one-of-a-kind thermal springs.  Serifos, on the other hand, is a peaceful island with spectacular beaches. The island’s best spot is “Cyclops throne” from where you can witness yourself a magnificent view of the Aegean. Finally, Sifnos has a pottery reputation as it is the island where students came to learn the art of pottery. You should not miss to taste the local specialties.


The volcanic past of the island is the reason for its indescribable beaches similar to a lunar landscape. Milos has also archeological interest with prehistoric settlement called Filakopi as well as catacombs, remnants of the Hellenistic period. Ultimately, a must-do of the island is to explore the pirate caves of island with crystal clear turquoise waters. It will be an amusing moment of your trip.


Our next stop is the edgy Folegandros along with the serene Sikinos. The hora of Folegandros is built in such a way that seems to be cliffhanging. The island’s setting is very convenient for Hiking with Pantanassa Church and Cape Mihelo being the best spots to discover. The neighboring island of Sikinos, in contrast, has a serene environment with beautiful untouched beaches and traditional fortresses and monasteries.


The title of the Gem of Cyclades can be given to Santorini, the volcanic island. The island’s formation, the Caldera due to the volcanic eruption is one of the things that make the island unique. Additionally, the volcanic element is also prominent trait of particular beaches with special sand and deep-blue waters. Of course, the highlight of your visit will be to witness the imposing and worldwide known sunset of Santorini.


All three islands are distinguished by a sense of serenity and beautiful beaches waiting for you to visit them. In Ios, you will a well-preserved Tower of Hellenistic period in Skarko; in Amorgos you will enjoy hiking around discovering every part of the island and in Koufonisia you will let off steam and take pleasure of the relaxing environment.


Strong archeological interest encircles the island of Paros and Naxos. Paros used to be the marble source for many known buildings and statues of Antiquity. On the other hand, Naxos is characterized by the imposing Portara and remnants of the ancient temple of Apollo as well as the fact that the island mountain is said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Apart from having stunning beaches with idyllic landscape, Paros, Antiparos and Naxos are the ideal place for wind sports so crab you gear and have an entertaining time.


Mykonos is the cosmopolitan island of Cyclades and as its trademark is the impressive Windmills, it is also the island of Winds. Mykonos is famous for its nightlife and numerous beaches with clear turquoise waters. When visiting, it would be great to make a stop in Delos, an UNESCO world heritage archeological site that is said to be the birthplace of the twin Gods Apollo and Artemis. Don’t miss that delicious Greek cuisine that is offered on the island.


The next complex of islands to discover is the Dodecanese. With Rhodes being the leading island, you can explore its one of them as they are close to each other, facilitating your sailing trip. The islands of the Dodecanese offer a wide range of activities, places and things to do, adapted to your needs. You will definitely not be disappointed by your Dodecanese adventure.


The brother islands outstand by their lush green and dense landscape but also by their exquisite beaches. The area is also known to be a refuge for a certain species of seals called “monahus-monahus”. The islands’ facilities are great for water sports especially scuba diving. Surely, the picturesque view of the islands will be imprinted on your heart.

Bear in mind that these are some of the options offered. You cannot imagine the unlimited things that the Aegean Sea provides. Diversity and emerald waters are the main elements that constitute the Aegean Sea and Greece, in general, your ultimate sailing destination.


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